Being A Woman

‘Me, my beauty is skin deep
But i am not more than my skin
I am my skin; i am the jewel of Africa
The symbol of pride, love, of freedom
The roar of Simba, modeled by the heavens and I shine.’ (Mandy)
It is not only about giving birth to children, it is not only about waking up every morning and doing housework, being a woman is about love.
We are not recognized by man as the wonders of the world, we are recognized as nothing to the world but I say no to that, we are something to the world, we are jewels of the world, the lioness of Africa.
We are mothers to the world, sister’s, aunts, we are women. We carry life in our womb for nine good months carrying the future doctors, nurses, lawyers, artists you name them all, we carry them in our wombs for nine months.
Forgive me when i speak in anger but you people of the world recognize us not. We the people who make all of you know how to walk ,talk ,run and eat. We as women need to be seen as something and not nothing.
Equality for both genders and most of all no to discrimination.
Motherhood and womanhood is the key that brightens the world.
Being a woman.
Written by
Tafadzwa Chitambo(faffie fox).