Lloyiso Pays Tribute to GBV Victims.

If we could pick a song of the year it would be Amadoda Sabelani by Lloyiso. If you haven’t listened to it the link is at the end of this article. South African artist paid tribute to all the women that passed away because of gender based violence. You could tell with the way he expressed himself that this is a man that is singing from the bottom of his heart, pleading with his fellow brothers to join women in fighting. It’s a beautiful song.
Femicide cases have been increasing at an alarming rate ever since the lockdown in Southern Africa started. It’s quite depressing. We have been quiet for way too long about this. As I write this I can only think about the fact that out of 3 girls, I’m the one that was not raped before I turned 18. It could have been anyone. Below is a thread on the rape statistics from 2019.

What Lloyiso did left me speechless. I posted his song on my status and a lot of women kept telling me how much they loved the song and could not stop listening to it. There is a war out there against women and it means a lot to have a men on our side fighting for justice with us. The world is so full of rape apologists, the ones that will bring in facts like “men are raped too”, “what was she wearing”, “why did she go to his house” as if we do not have enough questions to answer. We also want to know why someone would rape a 3 month old baby or why someone would hang a pregnant woman. Women are dying. Our sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces and mothers are dying and on behalf of every woman in the world I am pleading with every man reading this to please stand up for justice. Time’s up, we are tired of going through hashtag after hashtag because another body has been found. Protect us. We cannot fight this battle alone.

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