Mantate’s birthday wish to build for her community. #WaterMyRoots

If it was your birthday and you could wish for anything, anything at all, what would you wish for?

For most people wishes range from houses, cars, money maybe even having their own empires but for Mantate her wish is to raise money so that a borehole can be drilled within her childhood neighborhood in Nkulumane.

The city has an ongoing water crisis that is greatly inconveniencing a lot of people. It’s even made worse by the fact that there is the Coronavirus and a constant reminder to social distance and wash hands with running water frequently. 

While built on good intention, these regulations are exposing the dangers of limited water supply in which communities have to queue long hours for water, thereby rendering almost impossible the idea of social distance where everyone is trying to push to the front of queues to ensure that they get water. 

There is an urgent need for alternative sources of clean water in line with Sustainable Development Goal 6 which is premised on achieving universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all. It also fall in tandem with section 77 of the Bill of Rights (Chapter 4) set out in the Constitution of Zimbabwe that envisions equitable access to clean and affordable water. 

Mantate states, ‘One borehole may not reduce the burden significantly, but I believe that it will make a difference to those that will have access to it.’

She came up with the water my roots campaign as a way of expressing gratitude to her childhood neighborhood, Nkulumane. 

‘The campaign name carries the truth that I was raised in a community that believed in me all through my childhood. Even in moments when I doubted the greatness in myself. 

From the women selling vegetables and fruits at Manemo shops, the parents that told their children that they should learn from Mantate and the little children who would always scream and point fingers at me, some brave enough to approach me and tell me that they saw me on TV and thought that was cool. 

The look on their faces remains a priceless reminder that every time that I achieve something, it’s for them too. 

As I step into my birthday month I want to contribute to the smiles of the old women and men that I remember to have been supportive in my growth. 

The idea of them having access to clean water in their proximity, the idea of them not having to queue for water and risk contracting the Coronavirus. 

The idea of easing their lives inspires me to believe that God has deliberately given me a network of people that believe in my vision for developing communities. 

Everyone that has experienced my name, my work or my passion, either directly or through someone else, or even by virtue of them resonating with the vision I have to Water My Roots is a potential partner in this campaign, and so I want to reach out to as many people as I possibly can. 

This is by far the most daring of the fundraising campaigns I’ve done, and this age to me comes with the conviction that there’s nothing that I put my mind to that I cannot achieve. I believe that we can drill a borehole in Nkulumane, we can Water My Roots so that more children can get a chance to understand why it matters that they grow up to channel back resources into the communities that believed in them.’

The Campaign Goal is to raise $4500 during the month of June and you can help by doing one of two things.

1. Donate and help make this campaign a reality:

2. Share so that your network can become a part of making this birthday wish come true!

MANTATE MLOTSHWA is a 24-year old young woman passionate about the role of women and youth in democracy and governance processes. She works as a Senior Program Associate at the International Republican Institute (IRI), Zimbabwe office and previously worked as a Programs Associate at the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD). Mantate sits in the African Women Leaders Network Youth

By Amanda Marufu

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